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Oxygen Hospitality is a owner-operator hospitality management company that acquires, redevelops, repositions and manages a distinctive portfolio of U.S. independent and branded hotel assets.

We partner with Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), family offices and accredited investors seeking direct access to hotel investment opportunities. Our team of experts, along with our vertically integrated approach to hotel real estate investing and asset management, help to build investor wealth and long-term stakeholder value with attractive returns through capital appreciation and operational profitability.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, we know the opportunity to break away from the status quo exists. Guided by a deep commitment to innovation and excellence, we differentiate and garner brand loyalty by:

  • Infusing stunning design, personalized services and game-changing technology into our hotel real estate for elevated ease, guest experience and operational performance
  • Recognizing the importance of globalization while ensuring local immersion of food, design and experiences

Oxygen. The Story Behind the Brand.

We’re creating not just a better hospitality experience, but also the best one that the industry has seen.

Oxygen. Whether guests need to rest or reinvigorate, the solution is the same. Breathe. That one simple action provides a wealth of benefits for the body, mind and soul. And it’s all thanks to Oxygen. Is there any wonder we chose it as the company name?

Oxygen Hospitality exists to “breathe new life” into the North American hotel industry.

Every hotel in our portfolio. Every asset we manage. Everything we do and put our name to as we grow and extend our brand is “Powered by Oxygen”.

Investment Focus

We embody an entrepreneurial hotel asset acquisition strategy for attractive returns by creating capital appreciation opportunities of under-priced assets through repositioning, restructuring, re-development and intensive post-acquisition management.



Through trust and transparency, grow authentic relationships with our investors, guests and partners to breathe new life into the hospitality industry with a unique lifestyle brand that:



Break away from the hotel industry status quo to gain hotel guest & investor loyalty with innovation, service and experiences that exceed expectations.



Oxygen Hospitality’s leadership expertise spans across industries including hospitality/hotel asset management, commercial real estate, hotel investment, technology and business growth companies.



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