Merv Chia


Merv Chia is an experienced business entrepreneur with a strong background in finance and corporate restructuring. Merv is President of the Company’s Canadian subsidiary, Oxygen Hospitality Group Canada Inc. based in Vancouver, Canada, and is President of NEX Industries Corp., a private investment company, formerly NEX Industries Ltd., since 1999. He is the former Chairman and CEO Newton Energy Corp UK (2000-2017); former President of CET Energy Technologies (2000-2005); Founder of Pan Terra (2003),former President and CEO, Supreme Pacific Holdings (amalgamated) 1988-2016.

Merv built two large enterprises, first in food processing, and subsequently, a conglomerate of companies in light industrial manufacturing and construction; in electronic control systems; in energy, mechanical and technology services and real estate development. He has deep experience in corporate acquisitions and turnarounds, having acquired over twenty businesses and reorganized and restructured over $230 million in investment syndicate assets.

Merv has held 7 corporate board directorships, chaired the Investment Committee of a $300 million financial services company, managed a private equity technology fund, consolidated four companies that went public in 2004, and chaired a TSX listed international energy company.

Merv worked internationally and was based in Europe for almost 3 years. He currently chairs a Municipal appointed board, served as a Red Cross technical advisor in West Africa (2008-2013) and is a former YPO member.


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