Oxygen Hospitality Group, Inc. is entering into an exciting partnership with Token IQ, Inc. Overall, this will help Oxygen Hospitality efficiently tap into Token IQ’s famous token development platform. It will use this in the implementation of token offerings as well as multiple-phased smart contracts. This could start with well known short-term investment notes. To start with, it would be exciting to learn a bit about Oxygen Hospitality and Token IQ, right?


Definitely, Oxygen Hospitality is a celebrity in the real estate and hospitality industry. In particular, Oxygen Hospitality targets the acquisition, as well as the redevelopment of independent hotel assets, in attractive, American destinations. Starting operation just last year, Oxygen Hospitality is massively primping the hospitality industry with blockchain technology.

On the other hand, Token IQ is a leader in SaaS blockchain technology. Token IQ’s solutions are majorly tailored at asset-backed investment contracts as well as tokenizing securities. With Token IQ, issuers can easily transact the conversion of assets ownership on a blockchain into comprehensively compliant digital tokens.

Furthermore, this aims at wiping off the place of a middlemen, while reducing cost. Overalls, this facilitates an operational environment devoid of friction between transacting parties. Therefore, capital formation enjoys more efficiency, thereby enabling traditionally non-liquid asset classes to enjoy increased liquidity.

Moving on to the partnership proper, this will see Oxygen taking a historic position in commercial real estate (CRE) investment. Precisely, it will be the first in this arena at tokenizing its short-term note offerings via smart contract logic. Certainly, in the real estate industry, short-term notes are relatively common sights. Bringing on Token IQ’s innovative technology, Oxygen Hospitality will be able to fuse Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance with blockchain, thereby embellishing its token offerings.

According to Aleksander Dyo, president and co-founder of Token IQ,

“With Token IQ’s help, Oxygen Hospitality is bringing the same advanced thinking to real estate investing. The legal, technical and compliance framework for digital forms of investment contracts is being refined. We’re excited to be part of building that future with innovative companies like Oxygen Hospitality.”


In the light of this, no one can doubt the importance of compliance in the modern investment setting. It is vital for investors to compatibly align with Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs). This regulatory compliance brings even more credibility pertaining to accruing alternative funding.

Thereby, leveraging Token IQ’s fully compliant blockchain solutions, Oxygen Hospitality will be able to provide sustainable solutions to traditional business challenges in the real estate investment industry. This will greatly change the way corporations leverage accredited investors, as well as provide an alternative investment engagement.


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